Are you or  someone you love facing a faith transition that is affecting your relationships and other areas of your life?

Are you LGBTQ+ and looking for services that will support your journey?

Do you have sexuality concerns or are you looking for a sex-positive perspective?

Are you dealing with mental health concerns and looking for a qualified therapist?

You have come to the right place!


Symmetry Solutions is an on-line practice with two subsidiaries:


Symmetry Solutions is committed to offering a variety of services addressing mental health, relationships, faith transitions and sexuality. Depending on your geographical location, cultural/religious background, and issues you are facing... it can be difficult to find effective services that meet your unique needs.

Symmetry Solutions has therapists, coaches and educators that offer services through in-office, videoconferencing, telephone and chat sessions.

Symmetry Solutions is committed to high-quality, effective, goal-centered services.

Choose the Entity that Best Suits Your Needs

What People are Saying about Symmetry Solutions

"My coach assisted me in coming to understand my own needs when it came to our sessions. She was encouraging and gave me tools to be able to use the information gained in our sessions in my daily life."

"Our therapist has a gift of sussing out what's being said and getting to the heart of the issue. She also has a knack of helping you see things in a different way than it's currently being seen. She’s fantastic at making you feel heard and understood. Always feel better about things after every session we’ve had with her!"

"My coach was great in the sessions I've had with her. She gave me great advice and tips on how to manage this difficult change in my life."

"The therapist I am working with is a perfect fit for me. She gives me the space I need to think, gently gives me suggestions if I ask, and gives me time to process all that I am going through in short order. She has to have an abundant and current working knowledge and it shows in her work."