Symmetry Live

Natasha Helfer, Jana Spangler and Tami Harris talk about the importance of realistic expectations with sex and marriage.

Symmetry Live

Natasha Helfer, Lisa Butterworth, Jenny Elledge and Tami Harris talk about alternate approaches to depression.

Symmetry Live

 Symmetry Solutions Panel talk about LDS missionaries coming home, and things families and individuals are needing to navigate unexpectedly.

Symmetry Live

Jana Spangler, Jennifer White, Caron Cordes, and Natasha Helfer discuss the importance of systemic responsibility and apology.

All The Feels

 Tami Harris responds to Symmetry Solutions Strategies with an explanation of "feelings"

Symmetry Live

 Symmetry Solutions Panel chat on coping during COVID

Symmetry Live

 Natasha Helfer and Lisa Butterworth discuss racism.

Symmetry Live

 Natasha Helfer, Jenny Elledge, Jana Spangler and Lisa Butterworth speak about COVID-19, healthy boundaries and outlooks as stay-at-home orders start to shift and change within states…

Symmetry Live

Natasha Helfer Parker, Jennifer White and Jana Spangler discuss tensions they are seeing in families and couples when dealing with our current covid-19 issues and people’s religious beliefs or non-beliefs.

Tips for Managing a Mixed-Faith Marriage
w/ Natasha Helfer Parker and Jana Spangler

Taken from a Symmetry Solutions Facebook Live Q&A... due to technical issues this segment does not include entire recording.

Finding balance and beauty in diversity and growth.


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