Spirituality – Defining and Empowering It Ourselves

Religiousness and spirituality are interrelated but different aspects of human functioning. Research often defines religiousness as involvement in practices and commitment to beliefs associated with particular religious communities or ideologies. Where as spirituality focuses on an individual’s quest for meaning and transcendence.

While many people are both religious and spiritual, some are only one or the other. There is room for us to define each of these within ourselves and see how it manifests in our own lives.

How do you define spirituality? And what ways does it show up for you?

People may have many different ways to find and express spirituality:

  • Pray

  • Find the sacred in ordinary life

  • Be open to beauty and excellence.

  • Having a sense of awe

  • The biological advantage of being awestruck

  • https://www.wimp.com/the-biological-advantage-of-being-awestruck/

  • Meditation

  • Yoga

  • Connection with others

  • Connecting to the divine/ our higher self / the unknown / something greater than ourselves

  • Finding value in our questions

  • Being more comfortable with uncertainly

Wherever we are on our religious journey we might be able to find new ways to have spirituality in our lives as well. There is not one right way. We all are on our own path.

Jennifer White, LCSW

Jennifer specializes in helping people with depression, anxiety, sexuality concerns, trauma, and faith transitions/journeys. She offers coaching/consultation and therapy services to individuals, couples and families.

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