Growing Tall While Rooting Down Into Your Supports

I recently visited Hawaii with my family. While there, I often stood in awe of the expansive banyan trees throughout the island. Standing under a banyan tree you'll notice that from the large thick branches is what looks like hanging vines. However, they are roots. These roots are called prop roots, they hang downwards and ultimately penetrate the ground providing support to the branches above. I've thought a lot about the concept of prop roots since admiring the majesty of the banyan trees. When it comes to our wellness do we take the time and effort to create support systems that hold us up in our expansion? So often we are excited in the process of growth, learning, and changing that we forget the supports keep us stable and upright in the process of growth. In times of exciting expansion and growth, we might forget the basic "prop roots" that keep us stable such as sleep, nutrition, and human connection. When we are carrying heavy burdens it is helpful to be rooted in our internal supports systems such as our intuition, values and our external support systems like our friendships, families, and communities to help us stay upright. Many of you are invested in your growth and expansion, are you equally invested in creating the supports you need to do so with fortified health and wellness? I invite you to consider where do you need to invest in creating some symbolic prop roots that will allow you to grow tall and strong while simultaneously helping you carry the weight of your growth and expansion. Examples of Support Systems:

Internal-Support Systems: Values Self-Confidence Intuition Spiritual Sense of Self Talents & Gifts Stillness & Meditation External-Support Systems: Intimate Partnerships Family Friends Support Groups Faith/Religious Communities Co-workers Behaviors that support wellness (sleep & nutrition)

Sara Hughes-Zabawa, LCSW

Sara works from a holistic approach, focusing on issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, chronic pain, disordered eating, faith transitions, stress management and serving the LGBTQ+ community. She offers coaching/consultation and therapy services to individuals, couples and families.

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