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When Faith Grief Masquerades as "Losing the Spirit"

September 27, 2017

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Therapist Bookshelf: What books have been meaningful to multiple clients lately

September 13, 2019


I’m an avid reader and audible book listener and one of my reading and listening goals is to find both research and resources to better support my clients. The past month, I’ve had multiple meaningful conversations with clients about the following books. Whenever I see a book reach multiple clients in positive ways I want to share them with others! Here is a book quick review of the following books that are most talked about right now in my clinical practice:  


1.Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle Hardcover Emily Nagoski, Phd and Amelia Nagoski, MDA

I’m a huge fan of Emily’s work in general because it combines both cutting edge research with practical and applicable tips and everyday language. I love that this book provides concrete examples of how to unlock the stress cycle while articulating how the evolutionary process has served in the past and the disconnect of how it’s often experienced and resolved now. The Nagoski sisters have a way with using visual metaphor to really connect with the reader to understand how their stress cycle is playing out in their everyday life. I love that this book focuses predominantly on the female experience, but realizing many men would benefit from a book looking at their unique experience with stress as well. I also appreciate that the Nagoski sisters recognize that the majority of research done on women includes individuals born as women and doesn’t fully represent those who identify as gender fluid or transgender – I appreciate when authors name the limits to the research and what the research fails to capture in the human experience. Also shout out to my fellow Symmetry Solution provider, Lisa