Lisa Butterworth, LCPC, NCC

Lisa Butterworth, LCPC, NCC has a masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Idaho State University.

Lisa works with a broad range of issues including anxiety, depression, sexuality, faith transitions, relationship issues, women's issues and trauma.  


She can teach you tools to discover your best self, feel good about who you are, get along with your loved ones, live your desired sexual story, and find your authentic spiritual expression. She also works with couples to nurture good communication and emotional connection.  


She works extensively in sexual issues, including desire discrepancy, body image, problematic sexual behaviors, trauma, infidelity, “sexless” marriages, orgasm concerns, ED/premature/delayed ejaculation, sexual pain, polyamory, kink, pornography concerns, resolving conflict between spirituality and sexuality, or LGBTQ+ (orientation concerns, transitioning, or parenting).


She also works with couples and families where someone is experiencing a change in faith, teaching tools to help each person live their personal spiritual experience while maintaining the relationships that matter most.  

She is the founder of the popular Feminist Mormon Housewives website and support group. 


Sexual Issues

Spirituality and Faith Journeys


Body Image




LGBTQ+ Journeys

Women's Issues



Young Adults


AVAILABILITY (Mountain Time Zone):

Tuesday: 9am-10pm (online and in-person services)

Wednesday: 11am-2pm & 7pm-9pm (online services only)

Thursday: 11am-3pm (online services only)

Saturday: 10am-4pm (online and in-person services)


$155 per 45-minute therapy session

       ($175 for first diagnostic/assessment session)

$135 per 50-minute coaching/consultation session


Reduced coaching rates available for military, students, seniors, & teachers. $100 for coaching


         $110 a session ($660)

          -purchased upfront, non-refundable

          -package sessions valid for 1 year



Coaching/Consultation & Therapy Services

Individual, Couples and Family Services  


13945 W Wainwright Rd. Suite 103

Boise, Idaho 83714


"Lisa is brilliant. She has helped me take a healthier approach to problems that had previously seemed too intimidating. Our sessions brought a meaningful and durable improvement to my mental health."



"Thank you Lisa for encouraging me to see the difficult parts about my life and giving me the courage to face and change them!"

"For the first time in my life I have felt validated, heard, and found answers, learned skills, and hope. I found strength, in the process of forgiving myself, advocating for myself, and hope for what could be my best life. What a blessing/gift she has been to my life and the life of my children."


"It was really a good experience for me to feel safe with someone and it worked great doing my visits online. Lisa 'sees' me and I feel that I have someone now that I can get objective help with my issues as needed. Thank you Lisa!"