Jenny Elledge, LMFT


Jenny Elledge is committed to meeting clients where they are and helping them achieve their goals. Her approach is gentle and non-judgmental as she provides the client with insight and tools to overcome their current challenges. Jenny and the client will create a safe and nurturing professional relationship where the client can thrive.

Jenny has extensive experience in working with couples and helping them to overcome sexual issues, improve communication and grow closer in their relationship. For those couples in a mixed-faith relationship, she will assist to overcome the unique challenge it presents.

For those who work from home, Jenny is well-versed in working with entrepreneurs and telecommuters trying to  achieve the challenging goal of home and work balance.

Jenny would be honored to assist clients through past or current trauma. For clients dealing with occasional or chronic anxiety, panic attacks or PTSD, Jenny will provide immediate tools to manage these issues. In addition, Jenny has several years of personal and professional experience in helping parents and kids navigate their ADHD diagnosis.

Some of her clients have experienced life transition issues: from changes in relationship status, parenting teenagers and adult children, where one would want guidance in fulfilling their roles as best as they can.

Others experience transitions in their faith journey and would benefit from a professional ear to listen and empathize with their complicated thoughts and feelings. Jenny will provide a safe space for people of all faiths and spiritual beliefs, varying from orthodox to nuanced to non-believing. Together, a meaningful experience can be created.

Jenny received her Bachelors in Science in Family Science and her Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Brigham Young University. She is currently licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in Florida.




Couples Issues


Sexual Issues




Spiritual Issues
Faith Transitions

Mixed-faith relationships

LGBTQ+ Affirming







Young Adults



AVAILABILITY (Eastern Time Zone):

Mondays: 12pm-4pm (in person)

                  5pm-9pm (online only)

Tuesdays: 10am-9pm (online only)

Fridays:     11am-5pm (online only)



$110 per 45-minute therapy session

        ($125 for first diagnostic/assessment session)

$110 per 50-minute coaching session


Reduced coaching rates available for ecclesiastical payer:$90 and college students: $65

6 SESSION PACKAGE                                                                   $90 a session ($540)

           -purchased upfront, non-refundable

           -package sessions valid for 1 year


Coaching/Consultation and Therapy Services

Individuals, Couples and Families Services


1928 Proctor Ave

Orlando, Florida 32817

Benefits of a Marriage and Family Therapist

"I really appreciated how she gives us tools to continually work on improving our issues on our own." 


"I feel very fortunate to be a client of Jenny's. I've worked with Jenny through a personally challenging faith transition. Throughout our sessions I felt heard and understood."


I’m so happy I reached out for help when I knew I needed it. Jenny has helped me achieve my goals and  better thought processes.”


“We are much happier, more at ease, better equipped to move forward and feel like we have the tools to deal with most anything by validating each other, communicating with each other, and understanding that the differences really are what we love about each other.  Well done Jenny, we can’t thank you enough!”