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It's Over...but I'm Not Over It.

Join Tami Harris, CLC for this 5-part online workshop and begin to find healing after divorce*. 

WHEN: Wednesdays from 8-9pm Mountain Time

                 June 16th~June 23rd~June 30th~July 7th~July 14th

WHERE: This group will meet online via ZOOM

COST: $119 if registered before May 31st ($149 June 1-15)

TO REGISTER:  click below and complete the contact form or call (208)391-7804

By the end of the course:

  • You will learn tools to help manage and process grief and loss and gain tools to help move forward.        

  • You will learn how the importance of having a strong sense of self creates more healthy and impactful relationships with others.

  • You will learn techniques that will help you re-wire your brain for a more positive mindset

  • You will learn to feel confident and complete on your own.

  • You will gain an understanding on how our childhood plays an integral part of how we experience and attach to others in adulthood.

*divorce or end of a long term committed relationship

Symmetry Support

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Follow Your Arrow: 
a WEEKLY Faith Transition Support Group

Call it a faith transition, an apostasy, a crisis of faith, losing the spirit, losing your testimony or religion…  Whatever you call it, once you experience it nothing in your life will be the same.  There is nothing as profoundly destabilizing as losing losing faith in the religion that dictated so many aspects of your life. 

Follow Your Arrow and join us every TUESDAY and see where it takes you!  

In this support group led by Symmetry Solutions Wellness Coach, Lindsay Hyde, MPsych, CLC,

we will get real about things like:

*maintaining healthy relationships with family members *navigating life in the real world *mixed faith marriages *communicating with well-meaning church members *learning decision making skills *parenting outside of the church *divorce and dating *discovering your true self *reclaiming your power
And so much more!

Now is the time to start.

WHEN: This group will meet every Tuesday evening at 7PM Mountain Time beginning April 27, 2021

WHERE: Online via ZOOM 


Meeting ID: 817 5364 3102
Passcode: 738377

COST: This is a FREE*, online community support  group.

           *Donations are accepted via PayPal: admin@symmetrysols.com