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Are you facing a faith transition that is having a significant impact in your individual or relational life? Or have a family member in such a position?

Are you LGBTQ+ and looking for services that will support your journey?

Are you needing help with sexuality concerns and want a sex-positive perspective?

Are you dealing with mental health concerns and looking for a qualified therapist?

You have come to the right place!

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 or toll free: 1-855-495-5865

  1. Solution-focused support in regards to a life transition you are experiencing (i.e. faith journeys, sexuality concerns, coming out as LGBTQ+, etc.).

  2. Services are available through in-office, phone, video or chat sessions.

  3. Services do not include an assessment for mental health diagnosis and therefore, are not covered by health insurance. 

  4. Services are not meant to take the place of local mental health resources, support or treatment if those services are necessary. 

  5. Educational services in the format of group settings (online groups, retreats, workshops).  

  6. Speaking engagements.

  7. Ecclesiastical consultations (first one is free of charge).