Caron earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Weber State University in 2011. Following years of her own personal healing work and a faith transition, she had the desire to further her education so that she could help others who may have struggled similarly as she had.


In 2019, she graduated with a Master’s Degree in Psychology, with an emphasis in Life Coaching from Grand Canyon University. She also holds an Eating Disorder Recover Coach (EDIT™) certification, and has additional experience working with an eating disorder recovery center in Arizona.

Caron chose to become a life coach so that she could provide additional support to those who are looking to make changes in their lives for the better. She believes that as a coach, she can be a vital part of the professional team that an individual can utilize as they make their journey toward healing in their life. Caron has experience working with individuals who are experiencing body image issues, disordered eating, questioning their faith, doubting their self-worth, fighting to overcome trauma, dealing with anxiety and/or depression. Caron enjoys working with all people including those from various backgrounds, ethnicities, gender identities, and sexual preferences.

Caron’s approach is client-centered, client-directed, and solution-focused which helps her clients uncover the skills, knowledge, and resources that THEY possess and can utilize in reaching THEIR individual goals. Her compassion and empathy provide a safe place for individuality to shine. She has found it true that real freedom comes from taking responsibility for our own choices. We cannot control everything that happens in our lives, AND no matter what happens, we always have a choice to give up or keep going. When we choose to keep going, the possibilities are endless.




Body Image Issues

Depression and Anxiety

Eating Disorders

Faith Transitions
Self-esteem issues


Young Adults


AVAILABILITY (Mountain Time Zone):

Monday-Friday 7am-11am


Weekend Availability Upon Request


$75 per 50 minute coaching/consulting session
$125 per 90 minute coaching/consulting session

6 SESSION PACKAGE  purchased upfront                                           $60 per session ($360)




Coaching/Consulting Services

Finding balance and beauty in diversity and growth.


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