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April 24, 2020

Earlier this year I was able to take my youngest to Kennedy Space Center. He is fascinated with SpaceX. Elon Musk is one of his personal heros. As we explored and toured Kennedy Space Center, I realized that all the success of space exploration was grounded in failure....

March 23, 2020

Hello to a new normal! The new normal for a lot of us is now to live with your partner nearly 24/7 - especially if you are both working from home. 

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who is married to an entrepreneur, we have been living this scenario for the l...

December 12, 2019

For many, the holiday season is fun, festive - and dare I say it? - merry and bright. Others may go into the season with some trepidation. There may be family stress, worry about the budget, 50 boxes of holiday decor to put up, time thieves like meal planning, cooking...

October 5, 2019

There is a lot of content in social media competing for our attention. I came across a golden nugget the other day. Facebook had suggested a video for me to watch - a show called Red Table Talk. I was unfamiliar with the show, but familiar with its stars/creators - Jad...

August 16, 2019

Grief is a process we are all familiar with. We tend to associate grief with a major loss such as the death of a loved one or beloved pet. When we experience sadness or depression over other types of loss - loss of a job, a breakup, or fertility, for example, we may ac...

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May 15, 2020