Hooray For Great Sex

We can get really caught up in ideas about how to have sex and whether or not we are doing it right, whether or not our partner likes what we are doing, how we look/act during sex, etc. This kind of thinking can lead us right into performance anxiety... not the sexiest feeling in the world... which leads to more problems instead of solutions. We get so many messages about what “successful sex” looks like (most of which are highly unrealistic)... that it gives us very little wiggle room to show up authentically and relaxed. Most of these messages are heteronormative, penis/vagina centric, body shaming, and require orgasm at the end. There are so many more diverse and inclusive ways to enjoy s

Five Methods for Stopping Anxious/Circular/Racing Thoughts

Racing, anxious, circular thoughts, going round and round trying to figure out something, trying to fix something, replaying a past event, worrying about the future, all these can be very sticky in the brain, going on and on long after the thoughts were useful or interesting. Stopping these thoughts can vastly improve our quality of life, here are some tips: 1.) Say Hello to the voices in your head. Close your eyes and say hello, say hello over and over again, try to notice both the part of you that is saying hello, and the part of you who is aware of the voice in your head saying hello. Imagine that your listening/aware self will stay in your head, but put the chattering talking spinning

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