The Power of Breath

“When life is foggy, path is unclear and mind is dull, remember your breath. It has the power to give you the peace.” -Amit Ray, Beautify Your Breath – Beautify Your Life Have you ever found yourself not being able to catch your breath or even completely holding it at times? Have these situations intensified in recent weeks and months? Do you currently find yourself with symptoms that include: Difficulty focusing attention Dizziness Numbness Anxiety Chest pain Digestive problems
/Irritable bowel Neck and shoulder pain I realize that these symptoms can stem from a number of issues that sit on a vast scale of severity. However, these symptoms also coincide with the everyday act of using a sha

The Power of Alternative Solutions in Eating Disorder Recovery Part 2

Is control ever necessary? When a patient is past the point of making their own decisions due to the cognitive limitations that comes along with severe malnutrition, they need to be nourished, so that they can THEN process, make choices and heal. The registered dieticians, and other professional staff I worked with, were astounding at this. With such great care, they literally saved these patients lives. Patients went from not being able to get out of a wheelchair, let alone process any trauma, to becoming a meaningful part of the community and examples to others starting out in recovery. I was in awe of the staff and patients alike. Solutions, not problems In a favorite book of mine, “The

The Power of Alternative Solutions in Eating Disorder Recovery Part 1

When I started working as a case manager for an eating disorder recovery center, I was so thrilled because I believed I was going to finally understand eating disorders. I was convinced that I would learn enough to further me on my own healing journey AND help others to do the same. Turns out, I DID learn a lot from an amazing team of experts and of course, the patients themselves. I also learned some things that were unexpected. Control, Control and more Control One thing that I observed very quickly as I began my new job, was how cut off from the world the patients in this center were. At first, it made a lot of sense to me. I mean, we can’t be distracted by the world when we are doing s

Racism & White Supremacy: How These Pervasive Systems Affect the Mental Health and Well-being of

Here at Symmetry Solutions we have watched in horror as we witnessed the murder of George Floyd, especially in the context of an ongoing pattern that this crime represents in our country. We have also watched in horror as institutions in power continue to incite violence: police brutality, harassment of peaceful protestors, and the chronic silencing of voices of color to name a few. We are fiercely committed to anti-racism work and advocacy. We have learned that identifying our social location is an important part of anti-racism work. To that end it is important for us to acknowledge that a large percentage of our clients and providers come from a not very diverse Western-North-American Morm

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Finding balance and beauty in diversity and growth.


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