What I Really Want

Many years ago, Swiss psychologist Carl Jung said, "What you resist not only persists but will grow in size." This declaration profoundly illustrates the human tendency to create situations that help us, though, in-the-moment, we perceive our circumstances laden with challenges and obstacles. As Buddhist philosophy promotes, much of the discomfort we experience is due to our attachment to things, both positive and negative. When we focus on the issues, the predicament seems more significant. When we linger on our concerns, we often get stuck. One helpful approach is to shift our energy and attention away from what we don't want and focus on what we do. This approach takes creativity and tr

Grounding Activity for Anxiety

Often when we are experiencing anxiety, we can begin to notice our anxiety in our racing thoughts, discomfort in the body, and/or in non-typical behaviors (pacing, interrupted sleep, etc.). One way to decrease anxiety is to bring your mind and body back into alignment and awareness by doing a grounding activity through connecting with our senses. This anxiety practice is often called the "5-4-3-2-1" practice. Consider practicing connecting with your senses with the following prompts. Practice the exercise in times of lower anxiety to feel better prepared to use in times of higher anxiety. Notice and name FIVE things you see around you. Notice and name FOUR things you can touch around you.

Go with the Flow

Positive Psychology research has found that those who experience flow in their lives are happier or have increased well being. Psychological Flow is a term that was coined by the psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. It is a positive mental state of intense connection to the present moment and enjoyment achieved from being engaged in a specific activity. When in flow, you are unselfconscious of what you’re doing. It happens when we have a balance between our skill and challenge. Some people talk about it as being “in the zone”. Csikszentmihalyi's flow model Some of the Benefits of Flow Provides a natural high. Very rewarding Stress relief Makes one happy Good way to build on skills and ta

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