NASA and Finland Have Something In Common

Earlier this year I was able to take my youngest to Kennedy Space Center. He is fascinated with SpaceX. Elon Musk is one of his personal heros. As we explored and toured Kennedy Space Center, I realized that all the success of space exploration was grounded in failure. A lot of failure on the part of NASA. I married into Finnish heritage. My husband is half-Finn and therefore my children are quarter-Finns. So we naturally hear a lot about their heritage. A couple of years ago I stumbled upon a unique Finnish tradition: On October 13, Finland celebrates a National Day for Failure. What? Celebrating failure? On this day, Finns are encouraged to step beyond their comfort zone, overcome fear o

Self-Care Strategies During COVID-19

The following considerations were compiled by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. This information is especially sensitive to the major adjustments working adults have had to make and the possible reactions to this collective traumatic experience. 1. Pause: Because we are in this midst of a disaster response marathon, it is helpful to pause and tell yourself you are doing the best you can. "A sprinter's pace is just not sustainable." Mental and physical breaks will be needed. 2. Breathe: Mindfulness, meditation, or breathing exercises slow down the emotional centers of the brain, and help to reduce stress. I recommend the Head Space app. 3. Find a work buddy, and check in daily:

Spirituality – Defining and Empowering It Ourselves

Religiousness and spirituality are interrelated but different aspects of human functioning. Research often defines religiousness as involvement in practices and commitment to beliefs associated with particular religious communities or ideologies. Where as spirituality focuses on an individual’s quest for meaning and transcendence. While many people are both religious and spiritual, some are only one or the other. There is room for us to define each of these within ourselves and see how it manifests in our own lives. How do you define spirituality? And what ways does it show up for you? People may have many different ways to find and express spirituality: Pray Find the sacred in ordinary li

Quarantine Schooling, Not Homeschooling

This is challenging moment in history when it comes to parenting. Schools are closed. For those of you who have children at home and are attempting to help with schooling, if it's beginning to feel really hard, it's because it is. Normal homeschooling often utilizes amazing community resources and supports human connections and group hobbies. We need to make it clear that we are not homeschooling. We are quarantine schooling. We are attempting to provide educational support without the same resources, freedom, and access. We need to normalize the challenge of parenting and quarantine schooling right now. It's hard, it's really hard. The challenge of quarantine schooling had me in

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