5 Tips to Save Your Marriage in a Pandemic

Hello to a new normal! The new normal for a lot of us is now to live with your partner nearly 24/7 - especially if you are both working from home. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who is married to an entrepreneur, we have been living this scenario for the last 20 years. I’ve got tips for you on how to ride out our self-imposed quarantine without driving your partner crazy. Tip 1: Stress First, let’s just address the elephant in the room. Stress. In our lifetime, in our country, and globally, we have never experienced anything quite like this. Social distancing is now the new buzz word. Whenever we face a brand new situation, we are naturally going to experience heightened stress.

Protecting Your Mental Health During the Coronavirus Outbreak

I came across some helpful ideas of ways we can take care of our mental health during this coronavirus experience. In times of fear and anxiety it can be important to know how to prioritize self-care and our mental health. These are some of the ideas from the American Foundation for Suicide prevention: Separate what is in your control from what is not. Do what helps you feel a sense of safety Get outside in nature–even if you are avoiding crowds. Challenge yourself to stay in the present. Stay connected and reach out if you need more support. Here are some ideas from a facebook post by Jen Lemen. Things you could do in the time of corona virus: 1. Go next door and say, If you need anything,

Growing Tall While Rooting Down Into Your Supports

I recently visited Hawaii with my family. While there, I often stood in awe of the expansive banyan trees throughout the island. Standing under a banyan tree you'll notice that from the large thick branches is what looks like hanging vines. However, they are roots. These roots are called prop roots, they hang downwards and ultimately penetrate the ground providing support to the branches above. I've thought a lot about the concept of prop roots since admiring the majesty of the banyan trees. When it comes to our wellness do we take the time and effort to create support systems that hold us up in our expansion? So often we are excited in the process of growth, learning, and changing that w

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