The Gift of Conflict

As Americans, we generally view conflict as being a negative experience, often with the end-goal being the defeat of our opponent. Whether that be in the form of relational or organizational dynamics, conflict tends to make us uncomfortable. We may attempt to avoid dealing with the problem altogether, or we attempt to defeat the other person. Our overall view of conflict in relationships in the United States is with seemingly no positive purpose. What if we challenged that point of view? In the context of relationships, conflict can be a gift—an opportunity to find mutual understanding with our partner. Conflict can give us a chance to not only learn to live with an issue in the relationship

The Dance of Marriage

There is a lot of content in social media competing for our attention. I came across a golden nugget the other day. Facebook had suggested a video for me to watch - a show called Red Table Talk. I was unfamiliar with the show, but familiar with its stars/creators - Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith. I saw its newest edition and an older episode queued up, highlighting the topic of infidelity. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I am always looking at the latest talk on infidelity. As a major bonus, their guest expert was none other than Esther Perel, an esteemed psychotherapist who lectures often on relationships. “You make an important distinction.” Esther shared to Jada. “It’s not

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