Two Supportive Resources When Considering One's LGBTQ Identity with One's Christian Faith

I often have the opportunity of working with clients who identify as LGBTQIA+ who were raised within conservative Christian religions, predominately the LDS and the Jehovah Witness faith traditions. As an affirming therapist I'm always looking for the latest research and resources to support clients who hope to own and celebrate their LGBTQ identity while simultaneously hoping to maintain their spiritual identities as Christians. One of the challenges many LGBTQIA+ Christians experience is push back regarding their faith's narrative on sexual orientation and/or gender identity as a choice versus being firmly rooted in biology. Also, the interpretations of religious scripture related to their

Deconstructing Heterosexism for LGB Affirmative Therapists (Part 1

For clinicians I was recently introduced to an article by Dr.’s Christi McGeorge and Tom Stone Carlson from North Dakota State University. In their article entitled Deconstructing Heterosexism, they identify an essential component of the work required to become a proficient ally and helper for sexual minority clients in therapy. As a straight clinician myself, I can identify in me the blind spots, heterosexual assumptions, and cultural narratives that mischaracterize, stereotype, and even have potential to harm sexual minority populations. Often these are built on homophobia, heteronormativity, and misunderstanding towards the queer community. As helping professional allies work through thei

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