Unpacking “Manly” Barriers of Connection

In light of the new “APA Guidelines for the Psychological Practice with Boys and Men”1 I have been thinking about how my own life has been affected in different ways based on what society expects of me. When I really get to thinking about the ideas from the report, it seems rather strange and a bit complicated that a set of societal norms affects me on such a personal level with friends, family, loved ones, and even how I manage the stressors of life. I looked back over the APA guidelines recently and one of the terms they define cause me to reflect a bit more about my own life. Gender Role Strain “Gender role strain is a psychological situation in which gender role demands have negative con

Doing Forgiveness the Right Way

In my work with clients often they want to have the goal of forgiving others. I have spent time researching this and want to share some of the things I have learned. Often, I see people rushing to forgiveness before they have given themselves time to be angry, set boundaries and let themselves feel what they are feeling. On some level they may need to go through the steps of grieving. We don’t just grieve when people die. Any loss we have, we need to grief on some level. This could be a job, end of a relationship, a change in a relationship, changes in health, when we are disappointed, or anything you may be struggling with. Remember your feelings are valid and there is help to work through

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