Sleep Hygiene Tips

Sleep is *essential* to good mental health. I’d like to highlight the word essential here. We all know this on some level, we’ve heard about how important sleep is, but we don’t necessarily prioritize our sleep. There is literally no way to overemphasize the essential nature of sleep to our mental health. If you are experiencing anxiety or depression or any other type of mental health concern, working on getting sufficient sleep needs to be at the very top of your list. Lack of sleep puts us in a constant state of vigilance or that feeling of being ‘this close’ to overload or breakdown or anxiety. I’m going to provide a long list of sleep hygiene tips, I know that many of these are easier

Holidays & Faith Transitions

This time of year can bring up a lot of emotions and feelings for someone who is either right in the middle of a faith crisis or religious transition and even for someone who has already gone through this process. This time of year can also really amplify differences and/or discord that you feel in relationships with others. Among the myriad of ways that one might feel during this time of year...a real discomfort or even disgust with traditions that used to be so dear can also come up. If any of these were some of the ways you have been feeling during the holidays this are not alone. The way you feel about long held religious traditions, the way you relate to others in these dyn

Understanding and Exploring Differentiation within Mixed-Faith Marriages

Have you ever considered that every couple is a mixed-faith couple and in a mixed-faith marriage? Spirituality and what fuels and contributes to a person's faith, and/or internal sense of self and connectedness to others, are uniquely personal and intricate. All couples could be considered mixed-faith couples because they are unique and separate beings that enter into a partnership. Regardless if a couple's spiritual practices are similar, they not the same spiritual being or have 100% agreement and interpretation of spiritual and/or religious beliefs and practices. If it's hard to put into context why all couples could be considered mixed-faith couples, let's put into context why seeing our

Tips for Mixed-Faith Marriages: Consider your Situation an Asset

Be willing to see your "mixed-faith" status as an asset instead of a liability. How? 1. Before you read any of my next points... make a conscious, intentional decision that you are willing to reframe your relationship in this way. Say something to yourself that goes as follows: "Yes... I am willing to see my mixed-faith marriage from the perspective of a 'gift' or 'opportunity' rather than a 'wedge' or 'divider.'" Then, when you come across mixed-faith issues... you are better equipped to take the perspective of, "well... all dynamics in life have issues." Therefore, these problems don't have to define your entire relationship and they don't have to carry more meaning or power than they dese

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