Tips for Mixed-Faith Marriages: Avoid Unilateral Decisions

The second tip I give is to avoid unilateral decisions. How? a. This gets tricky... because pretty much since we hit our "terrible twos" development stage, we resist being told what to do by other human beings. Our independence meters go off... our own needs and desires take center stage as things that should be met... and we're in a constant power struggle with something or someone from that point on. Lovely, right? At the same time (Yes/And), we want to be in meaningful relationships. Our very lives and emotional wellbeing depend on them. Ironically, this aspect of our own self-care requires the ability to empathize and see as valid other people's needs and concerns too. This creates what

Finding Meaning

Meaning making is one of those BIG topics… some of us propel ourselves toward it and others shy away from it. Some of us really want to feel the effects of meaning-making but somehow can’t find ourselves doing things that will truly contribute to this process. Carl Jung said, “Absence of meaning in life plays a crucial role in the etiology of neurosis…”. Looking at that word –neurosis— can be helpful here because that word alone can be unnerving. A general way to describe neurosis is any mental state in which one is experiencing imbalance or distress. So, we are basically all alike in this aspect because the very “stuff” of life creates neurosis. So what do we do about neurosis and lack o

Letting Your Partner Influence You

John Gottman observed seven specific behaviors that seem to be predictive of successful marriages, which he calls “the seven principles for making marriage work.” This is the title of one of his books which is often recommended for those wanting to improve their marital relationships. One of these principles is letting your partner influence you. Happy marriages result when spouses treat each other with respect and are not resistant to sharing power and making decisions jointly. In these marriages, couples seek for common ground rather than getting into power struggles. It is important for both partners to let their partner influence them. For either spouse to accept influence does not mean

Help with Suicidal Thoughts

With recent loss in the news, our Symmetry Solutions, LLC providers wants to reach out to our community and remind you that you are not alone, there is help available, and we are here to support you in honoring your mental health needs. If you are experiencing suicidal ideation this is a supportive resource:…/su…/are-you-feeling-suicidal.htm If you know a loved one who is experiencing suicidal ideation and need support to help them, this is a good resource:…/suicide-…/suicide-prevention.htm

The Brutal and Beautiful Truth of Authenticity

Maybe it’s the full moon or simply the reality of being alive, but this past week my friends, colleagues, clients and I have discussed the beautiful and brutal aspect of showing up as your true self. I believe it is author and activist Glennon Doyle who coined the term “brutiful” - and I love it. So if anyone feels like their butts are being kicked lately, know you aren’t alone, in fact you are in good company. Sometimes being authentic and owning your strengths and weaknesses or sharing your truth can be freeing. Other times it can feel exceptionally lonely. While the bravery it takes to be vulnerable and honest with yourself and others is rarely comfortable, in the long term it is often wo

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