One Simple Thing That Can Transform Any Relationship

Victor Hugo once wrote, "Life's greatest happiness is to be convinced we are loved." I would take it a step further and say that to love and be loved is a fundamental to our well-being. We are instinctively conditioned to seek out love and belonging before we are old enough to understand much of anything else. This fundamental need drives our willingness to engage other people in relationship and community despite how difficult it can be. Few things can bring as much joy or as much pain as relationship. So what simple thing can universally transform relationships? What can help us move through the difficulties experienced in relationships and unlock the connection and love that make it all

We Honor Sexual Abuse Survivors

Sexual abuse in the news can be triggering and re-wounding for many survivors. Here at Symmetry Solutions we want you to know you are heard, safe, and believed. We value and honor all survivors of abuse and survivors of systemic mistreatment. We are committed to supporting you in your healing while championing change that promotes healthier and safer practices that honor your mind, body, and spirit.

Learning from our Bitterness and Resentment

Bitterness and Resentment are probably some of our least favorite emotions. No one wants to be that bitter "ole’ hag" or that resentful jerk who whines about how unfair life is. And yet sometimes like an uninvited guest at the party, bitterness and resentment keep popping up and insisting on drinking angrily in the corner while giving everyone a glaring side-eye. Our attempts to tell resentment to go away only seem to make it increase its sneering and rude noises. So what to do with this hideous uninvited guest? Well you could keep ignoring it. You’ve probably tried that before. And maybe that’s all you’ve got time for right now, because dinner isn’t going to cook itself. There is a cost

Depression is Not Sin

Often times I hear from those who come from some type of religious background that depression was explained from a perspective that either had to do with avoiding sin or being influenced by a diabolical power. These are concerning narratives, and I would like to offer a respectful challenge. Mental health disorders are medical issues. There are genetic, biological, environmental, psychological and social/cultural factors that go into these types of diagnoses that are complex and almost impossible to completely unravel. Would we be comfortable saying that 'Satan" or "sin" control such things as diabetes, cancer, or the fact that a broken limb occurred? We don’t typically speak of physical ai

Violence Against Animals - Report, Report, Report!

With mass shootings in the news so frequently already in 2018, we’re all wondering how to better recognize the signs that a person is moving in the direction of mass violence. The idea that “it takes a village” might sound like a cliché, but it embodies much truth. One way to be a good villager is to report when a child – or any other person – abuses an animal. You can report to the police, the Humane Society, the child’s parents, the child’s school, or someone who you know has an influence with the person – and preferably all of these. When a child behaves cruelly toward animals more than once and is especially cruel, adults should be very concerned. If the child shows no remorse, they shou

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