The Hidden Gifts of Faith Crisis: Compassion

I have always considered myself to be a compassionate person. Growing up as a person of faith, I was taught that it was one of the greatest virtues I could possess. Different faiths have different names for compassion. In my particular brand of Christianity, the word compassion was used on occasion, but the synonym most often used was charity. Charity is defined in our scriptures to mean the “pure love of Christ.” By that scriptural definition, I would say that charity definitely encompasses the concept of compassion. While I usually thought of charity and compassion to be one and the same thing, I think there are important distinctions between them. Words, I think, are important. They carry

Reconciling Orientation with Religion

I recently attended a speaking series called 'The Hearth' in Palo Alto, California. This is a community that has been created in the past few years by members of the LDS or Mormon church. The founders are concerned that their church is leaving behind, ignoring and harming LGBT+ people, specifically members of the Mormon faith who are also LGBT+. Their speaking series has created quite an interesting subgroup of active and not-so-active Mormons in the San Francisco and Oakland areas. This series is an attempt to strike a balance between Mormon teachings and the realities of lived LGBT+ lives from within Mormonism. Speaking was a woman named Laura from Boise, Idaho who in the past three years

Changing the Questions We Ask During a Faith Transition

Are your difficult conversations stuck on repeat? Do you feel like you are getting nowhere with your loved ones and friends? If so, consider changing up the questions you keep asking. I often have the privilege of working with clients who are experiencing a faith crisis or faith transition. I also work closely with families, parents, and couples who have had a family member, child, or spouse make the decision to transition from a previously held faith tradition. I consider this work to be some of the most tender and meaningful work I do because when there is a willingness to choose love, practice respect, and surrender one’s ego (meaning letting go of what you want for someone and honoring t

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