Creating Calm in Chaos - Part 1

Are you in a season of you life that feels stormy? Maybe you are caring for an elderly parent, battling depression, ending your marriage, or experiencing a loss of health, faith, or financial security. Regardless of what it is, life shifts can cause suffering, various levels of discomfort, and a general sense of chaos. The following ideas will support you create a sense of calm within the chaos. Return to Your Breath – Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly. Take a deep inhale and exhale... in through the nose and out through your nose... feel your chest and belly rise gently underneath your hands as your breathe. Repeat the practice until your thoughts soften, your jaw uncl

The Hidden Gifts of Faith Crisis: Anger and Sadness

Ask anyone who has been through a faith crisis and nearly all will tell you that significant pain was central to their experience. Faith crisis involves great losses – from certainty and stability to relationships and community belonging – which must be grieved. Anger and sadness are nearly universal elements of the grieving process. Unfortunately, religious cultures often frame these “negative” emotions as the products of wrongdoing or lack of righteous action or effort. Scriptural writings often warn against anger and tell us that sadness is a result of wickedness. Sometimes faithful, often well-meaning people will point to the anger and sadness of their loved one in faith crisis as eviden

How to Seek Good Help

I recently met a friend who is not Mormon but is seeing a Mormon therapist in the area I live that maintains a private practice. In a nutshell, my friend is seeing her therapist for a number of issues: among them are alcohol abuse, two prior DUI's, relationship and commitment issues, and the recent exploration of her own potential homosexual orientation. Many of these issues are moral in nature for her therapist. Her past relationships with men, her difficulty making longer commitments and a recent potential romantic relationship with a woman, are moral issues with heavy spiritual ramifications according to her therapist. My friend has indicated that she has at times felt judgment and guilt

What Makes Faith Transition so Painful?

Ask yourself this hypothetical question: If you had to choose between being rejected by everyone you love... or losing a limb or one of your senses... which would you choose? It is a horrible question and yet gets to the heart of the kinds of pain we fear most. Being unloved... being rejected... feeling unloveable even. One reason why faith transitions are painful and terrifying is because they expose a deep fear that if we change... if our beliefs change... if our faith changes... if our values change... then maybe our family, our friends, our people will not love and accept us any more. And even deeper than that, maybe they will decide we are bad. Maybe they will see us as broken. Maybe th

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